Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Gift for 2008 90 Second Website Builder

WOW! Impress Your Friends, Amaze Yourself With
90 Second Website Builder

News Flash as Seen on JerSooz Blog & SeattleGirlMakesGood Helping Santa to Get All the Toys to Good Boys and Girls (and the Adults too)!

SeattleGirlMakesGood says … Santa says even if you haven't been a Good Webmaster or Webmistress and...if you ever have wanted to Create Your Own Website this IS for you! If you have ever thought building a website with it’s Own Web Pages though thought it was to complicated or hard to do or even too costly this IS definitely for you!

Honest, this is the Christmas Gift for 2008 that truly can be a 90 Second Website Builder and a Gift You Deserve. It’s like having a hundred Elves that makes your Website Pages look like a Santa Shop with all your Personal or Business Information and as the Title says as fast as 90 seconds.

Here’s Just a Fast what 90 Second Website Builder Does!

  • Creates Fast HTML Webpages though has built in Java Scripts

  • Creates PayPal Pay Buttons for easy PayPal Submits

  • All Pages seen in easy WYSIWYG with Drag and Drop Creation

  • Fixed Page Layout though can Create Unlimited Web Pages

  • Fast Opt-in Squeeze Page Form Maker

  • Site Map Builder that complies with Google Rules

  • Special Options included Slide Show Banners Video RSS creator

  • So Easy even a 9 Year Old can do with included Templates Graphics

  • Special Bonus Packages included makes this a Gift to Buy for Others

So Your asking “Why Do I Need This?” Well we say check it out it has features that other HTML Editors Costing Hundreds More ! don’t have plus as said can build websites in as little as 90 Seconds.

So, Please check out the 90 Second Website Builder. You will find it’s the Christmas Gift for 2008 that can help you build an Internet Empire for 2009 and beyond and Save You Money with not only Time Saved also with not having to hire a Professional to do all the work.

Just read the FAQ Section for details and remember, this is so Easy to Do you will want to Tell Family Friends Work Associates and if an Ebiz Owner your Customers. So Join the Free Affiliate Program so can also Make some Internet Money you don’t even have to have a Website to do while building your own with 90 Second Website Builder

Thanks SeattleGirlMakesGood & Jer&Sooz

JerSooz Enterprises

P.O.Box 9634 Bakersfield,Ca 93389

Skype Member Skype Phone 661-878-7760

PS If still not sure about purchasing just ask while exiting for Help! you can get Special Discount Pricing this makes it even a Better Gift that can tell Family Friends and Others want to see the Christmas Gift of 2008 then you have to get 90 Second Website Builder it also if didn’t read the FAQ section can be loaded on up to 3 computers (3) not just (1) and that makes it a Christmas Gift that has True Value!

PPS Santa Gives this a 1 Thumbs Up and High 5’s Around it’s a True Winner!

Just a Last Note when using the Link 90 Second Website Builder you will see the Pop Up to the Right … if Join it will show you how to get Free Advertising so as we said Join the 90 Second Website Builder Affiliate Program to help pay for Christmas they have a Great Commission and yeah Tell Your Family Friends and others too they will be glad you did

PPPS Don't forget to try the Santa Game, just for fun! I got to #10 then not sure what happened. I kept going into the chimneys with smoke...oh no!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Play Santa Game For Internet Business

SeattleGirlMakesGood says ... You have Got to Love Christmas Santa and especially if You Like to Win at Games this is the Deal that the Santa of the Internet has for Internet Business Owners or those looking for Software that can make your life easier. Better yet if you're a True Gamer Games Fan you already know Your Talented

This is a Simple Santa Game to Play I'd bet even You Know Your a Winner! a Real Game Player So why not jump in on the fun ... Here's the Details

We just got some news from John Delavera and here is how you can get access to Santa's Deal Time this year if you are 1 of the 5 winners!!! Read on...

Check the Play Santa Game at
That's a cool game created by John for that event.

Here is the contest and the rules:

1. Play the Game

2. When the game finishes you will be asked to insert your name. Insert your FULL NAME and this id: 71088Examples: J.Doe,71088 or Mary Smith,71088 etc.

3. You can play multiple times.

4. If you are 1 of the 5 top players on Dec. 7, 2008 at 9 AM EST, then you get EVERYTHING offered at with NO charge at ALL! That': FREE!

Great news eh? You enjoy and win:)

By now you'd also have understood WHY I WANT YOU to win...

(That's ANOTHER turbo idea by John...)

If YOU win then I win 1 free pass to SDT too!!

You see...71088 is my affiliate ID :)

Since entries WITHOUT an ID will NOT be considered as valid entries, then if you win I get that free pass.

John has my details in his system so he'll contact me. Of course I'll also do my best, but it's good to know that I'll get a credit from you too:)

And it's getting better for me as it's getting better for you too - here is how:

There will be people that will play the game MANY times ... So 1 player can DOMINATE ALL those 5 slots!

If this happens then that person will get access to SDT free, and will also get the right to either sell the access to SDT 4 times and keep all the money, or just give the access to 4 people away (say to his/her best friends, members, customers, subscribers, etc.)

So if YOU get all the top 5 slots, then here is what will happen:
You get free access to Santa's Deal Time. I also get free access.

You also get 4 more licenses either to sell or to give the access gratis to your people.
And I TOO get 4 more licenses to do the same!

Here is another example:

Say you dominate 2 of the Top 5 positions.
Here is what will happen on Dec. 7:

You get free access to Santa's Deal Time. I also get free access.
You also get 1 more license either to sell or to give the access gratis to your people.

And I TOO get 1 more license to do the same!

So... Should we have a BATTLE there?
Yep... I think so:)

But everybody has the same chances!
Remember: We enjoy win! And we have PLENTY of time until Dec, 7 at 9 AM EST!

Here is the URL again:

If your name is included to the top 5 at the High Scores then send a message to ed AT (<-- remember last is email put @ where AT is ) and remember to include the SAME information, aka. your full name and this id: 71088.

Ed Green (John's PA) will tell you what to do next for getting your complimentary accesses, and of course I shall also get the happy news too!

The Magic of Christmas applied to SDT indeed.:)

Enjoy Win!

Sooz58 and JerSooz Enterprises

p.s. I *think* that more surprises will come soon by John... So stay tuned! ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday eBook & Resellers Pack

Just for fun why not get this amazing collection of 3 instantly downloadable PDF style Holiday Planning & Fun books.

For a low cost of $5.99 you can be on your way to saving hours of planning time, but also have access to incredible recipes, fun crafts and things to do for the entire family.

Plus, we've included a cool BONUS, the Traditional Christmas Story Collection as seen below:

You will be able to start planning for Christmas immediately after your payment goes through with the Instant Payment Method.

Just pay through PayPal and you will be automatically sent to the download page once you are finished.

The easy to follow download directions make this a fun way for you, your associates, friends & even family to get into the Holiday Spirit.

Your package also includes Master Resell Rights, a sales page like the one you will see when you click HERE (or below) so if you want to put your name on it you can resell it for whatever you like!

Go ahead! Click below to read more about this entirely *NEW* Christmas Collection.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mom Of 4 Making $5 Grand A Month Blogging

Start Your Own Blogging Empire Now
Start Your Own Blogging Empire Now

I was taken by this woman, Amy Bass's story! She is a Mom of four and has no college degree. She says she has no special skills and was only trying to help her (ahem, clearing my throat) 50 year old computer illiterate Mom figure out how to make money on the internet.

Now, I am still trying to help my somewhat computer illiterate Mom use the computer. But you know ... she is really only interested in reading and sending email, viewing and attaching pictures and she would like to some day buy airline tickets online ... that sort of thing.

But after contemplating the idea, the reason this Amy Bass impressed me so much was she is any Mom in the USA. She is anyone who wants to earn money from home or with the things they love doing or occupying their time with. She could be me. She could easily be you too!

Then as I read through her Blog, I began to realize that she is talking to a pretty big audience...people just like her!

I realized:

At 50 we ALL want to retire and make our own money, be our own boss, not have to answer to anybody. I think we all probably would, if we knew we could replace our working hard every day for someone else income with blogging. Don't cha think? I certainly would, in a heartbeat my friends. My best guess is, you most likely would too if you knew for certain it would not jeopardize your lifestyle. No?

Anyway, as I read through her instructions I noticed she was explaining every move in a clear, understandable way. I am known for getting stuck on some technical thing (ID, Password, domain name,domain registration) and find myself alone, upset, frustrated and flat out up because failure IS upsetting. Getting tech help has, for me, generally speaking turned into the worst of all possible night mares.

OK, still reading this? Here comes the best part of all...I honestly believe that Amy Bass, and her Make Money On The Internet Program won't allow you to get stuck, lost, or looking at failure. See, she leaves no stone unturned, like so many of the other online business opportunities I have attempted. Also, she gives you the methods which work for her to re-invent yourself, have fun and blog, and make money ... all at the same time.

Her catch phrase, as you can see in the picture below is : You Already Do It All Why Not Get Paid To Blog About It

Great question! Whether it be ceramics, collecting china, doll items, garage sales, parenting, yoga ... whatever it is you love my question is what is holding you back? Have you had let downs, tech support troubles or overall basic problems with this sort of thing before? OK, so have I!!! You'll just have to trust me, this will be painless with Amy Bass' step by step beginning at the beginning help.

I encourage you to give yourself, and your future happiness (and perhaps wealth) a chance. Give Amy Bass's TheNicheBlogger make money at home, work online, online business blogging a chance. What have you got to lose?!?!

Thanks for reading this today. If you check out the link and see what I am saying about Amy Bass please, comment here. I'd love to read your thoughts.

SeattleGirlMakesGood Recommends TheNicheBlogger

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MRR PLR Products Software & More

More and more we get asked the following question:

Where is the best place to get PLR products with Resale Rights?

Answer: The Unselfish Marketer Vault-

You can help yourself to tons of PLR products, resellable software and even more memberships most with resale rights by becoming a member of JayKay Bak's Unselfish Marketer. Just about any product you see online you will have access to as a member of this site.

Every few days more new products are added so you can offer your subscribers, downline associates and friends all these exceptional offers at whatever price YOU choose.

Not just that, but if you don't see what you're looking for JayKay will try to go out and get the software or product if you ask him.

We decided to share this, one of our bigger secrets to success with you because our aim, our mission, if you will is to help YOU achieve success with your online business and let you in on how we get so many offers at such a great bargain.

Go ahead and click on the banner above or below to see how Unselfish Marketers delivers!
Your Key To Endless PLR, Membership & Software Products

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amazing Milage Tips Get Enviromentally Green Save MPG

SeattleGirlMakesGood says ...

as also seen on

Very Important Message!

Learn How to Increase Your MPG up to 37%
Save Big $$$ Start Now!

Click Book above for Info

Let's Face the Facts!

  • Gas Prices are Not Going to Go Down! (We Hope they Will!)

  • Changes in Your Driving Habits You have to Change!

  • You can if Apply Yourself Save Money and Increase Your MPG

  • Technology and Enviromental Viable Alternatives are 5 to 10 Years off
    The Government and Gas Companies Don't have your Best Interests in mind

  • When and if Technologies change They Won't Be Cheap!

These are just 5 of the Reasons you should be checking the above Book or following the Link below

Amazing Milage Tips

What you will find when clicking either the Book or Link is how for in most parts of the USA for Less then a Gallon of Gas you can find Alternative Ways to Saving Gas Immediately Start Saving not only Money also Get More MPG (Miles Per Gallon)

Let's Face another Fact! and we have to remind you this is Not a Scare Tactic it is Reality! Gas Prices have jumped dramaticly just since the beginning of 2008 ... World Economics and Demand for Oil and other Alternative Energy Sources makes this an important message to ... If We Don't Learn How to Slow Down and also Save Energy We Will as Already Proven in 2008 be in a Economic Crisis

So again Please Check out Amazing Milage Tips

Thanks Susan Allen Seattle Girl Makes Good

Where my husband Jer and I aka Sooz58 make up the Team JerSooz to Help You become a Success both in Life and Business plus Show You Ways to Make Your Dreams a Reality

JerSooz Enterprises

Skype Member Skype # 661-878-7760

P.O.Box 9634 Bakersfield,Ca 93389

PS Please Check out the above You Will Be Amazed! ... Plus for Business People Learn about the Great Money Making Opportunity even a Teenager can do to Promote this! ... Talking putting money in your pocket to further pay for Gas! this is a Win! Win! situation plus with the tips will learn talking being more Enviromentally Green will also help save our Enviroment! ... Don't Procrastinate check this out Today! Think Saving Money Think Green

Monday, April 7, 2008

Internet Secret Wealth is Not a Myth see the Magic

JerSooz says ... As Seen in the JerSooz Ezine ... If looking for Products to help you Succeed Online or make your Daily Computer Projects Easier ...

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